Monday, August 25, 2008

Petition Against Preemption - Make Your Voice Heard

May the word about Preemption be heard from Cost to Cost and ring in the halls of Congress. We will not stand for this loss of our Constitutional Right to be heard in a Court of Law. No organization public, private, political or judicial will stand in the way of the rights of America’s citizens.

We must get the word out to our friends and families.

Go to this site and sign the petition against preemption.


jdhargrove01 said...

David, Preemption is the "Goliath" that must be destroyed.

Thank you for this great website.


Anonymous said...

Preemption is a theory. A judicial doctorine enforced by the FDA to avoid others from interfering from congressional objectives, whatever those may be. As a result, the publics rights have been stolen from them to hold the industry responsible for products they have that have harmed or killed others. This endangers the civil rights and overall public health of the citizens, and it must be eliminated.